About The Salon​

Beauty for Ashes Salon has stamped its mark as being a reputable salon known for Natural/Curly Hair Specialty in Rockland County NY.  A home for those with wavy, curly, kinky, coily hair types. If you wear your hair curly, you can trust that your hair is in good hands. We’ve transformed the hair of thousands from all over the Tri-State area. Having more than 4000 google views a month and a strong presence on social media has people traveling near and far for our signature beauty for ashes experience, which includes hair audits, prescribing hair regimens, curl coaching, along with the use of natural and organic quality hair products and amazing curly cuts. 

We have also added Head Spa Treatments to our Salon. This is known as Scalp facials. We are the first salon in Rockland County NY to this kind of service, .

Andrea Peele always knew that one day she wanted to own her own salon.  She never knew how it would happen or even what should would name it.  When people would ask what would be the name of her salon she would just simply say I don’t know.  Internally she knew one day the Lord would give her the name.  One Sunday Morning in October 2006 Andrea Peele sat in her home church at the time while her Pastor Preached a sermon titled Beauty for Ashes taken from Isaiah 61 in the bible. Right in the middle of her Pastor preaching the Pastor stops and look’s and says to her ANDREA Beauty for Ashes will be the name of your salon.  Exactly 6 months later Andrea opened Beauty for Ashes Salon in Spring Valley NY in April of 2007.  Andrea saw there was a need in her community for a salon where healthy haircare, style, professionalism, and continuing education would be it’s standard.  After about a year and a half, BFA salon out grew it’s space and relocated to Pomona NY where they remained opened until late 2013.  Andrea decided that a break from salon ownership was necessary, and decided to close for two years.  However the burden and passion for salon ownership began to burn within so Andrea decided to take the plunge and reopen again.  In December 2015 the doors of BFA salon opened again, but this time in Nyack NY. 

     We are a full-service salon, with a unique vision and approach to the beauty industry.  All of our Hair Designers have attended cosmetology school and received their state license.  It is custom that all of our Hair Designers go through our Beauty for Ashes Salon training program before being elevated to a styling chair.  Continued weekly training is mandatory to be a part of our highly trained curl professionals.

    All of our Hair Designers are trained in natural curly, kinky and coily hair types.  We also provide color, cutting, Locs and alternative styling are.  Our Natural haired clients are excited when they find BFA salon.  Most salons find natural hair problematic but not here BFA salon welcomes you!  Finally, a place you can relax, trust and have diversity with amazing styles without the risking the loss of your curl pattern.  Natural hair is truly where we excel and is our expertise.  We give cutting edge styles without compromising the health of your hair.

   Continued education is our passion so that we can empower, educate, motivate, and encourage people with professional beauty advice that brings them results with great success on all their intimate and personal hair and beauty goals.

     We also are on a mission to stop the epidemic of hair loss in males and females in American.  By providing hair loss specialty services and by bringing awareness through prevention and early detection.  These services are available for all men, women, and children. 


Our Vision

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