Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to come in with my hair already shampooed?

A: No, but we need your hair free of excessive grease, extensions, and debris. If your hair hasn't been shampooed in 3 weeks or more we ask that you please cleanse prior to coming into the salon. Please remove ALL twists, coils, braids, etc. prior to your appointment.


Q: Why do you charge to remove twists, coils, braids, extensions and etc?

A: Because it's an additional service that requires extra timing to take down and detangle.


Q: Why do I have to choose a "New Client Service"?

A: Here at Beauty for Ashes Salon, our main priority is healthy hair care.  Natural + Curly hair takes time with Tender Love & Care.  Our new client services are for us to get to know your hair, and for you to walk away with a better understanding of your hair.  Look at it as a 1st-time visit to a medical doctor where you are required to get a physical exam, and then thereafter it's only a checkup.  We like to follow the same method for your hair. We care about the integrity of your hair!



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