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Hair Loss

Intense Hair & Scalp Therapy

 Intense hair & Scalp therapy is a 5 phase series of treatments done in our private Hair Restoration Suite in our salon. (The Cleansing process is done discreetly in one of our shampoo areas in our salon).  Intense hair & scalp therapy is designed to feed the hair and scalp at a deeper level than normal conditioning treatments done in a traditional salon.  Intense Hair & Scalp Therapy is done to aide in the possibility of your hair restoration.  Please understand that every case has different results and time spans.  Some people see results in as little as a few weeks and others 9 months to 1 year.  Understanding this will help you embrace your individual hair journey. A hair and scalp check up along with progress pictures are taken at the end of each quarter to track you progress.



  1. 10 Min Scalp massage 

  2. Scalp exfoliation & Cleansing 

  3. Micro Mist Steam Moisture Treatment 

  4. Oxygen Scalp Therapy 

  5. Cosmetic low level light Therapy (LLLT) or High Frequency Scalp Therapy 

Cosmetic LLLT Treatments

The Goal of cosmetic low-level light therapy is to generate hair growth, while creating fuller, thicker and healthier hair.  Cosmetic laser therapy has been proven safe and effective for men and women of all ethnicities in hundreds of hair loss clinics and XTC Salons and spas worldwide.

Proven Effects of Laser Stimulate energy and nutrients to the hair follicle, increasing protein synthesis. Increase blood flow.

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