Welcome to beauty for Ashes Head Spa Nanuet

What is The Head Spa?


Originally developed in Japan, Head Spa is a head massage technique. 

The Head Spa Nanuet is located in the Sola Salons in Beauty for Ashes Salon Suite 23. The first salon to offer the Yume Head Spa service in Rockland County NY. The focus of this Head Spa is to create a relaxing atmosphere while receiving hair and scalp treatments that rejuvenate, heal, and restore your hair and scalp.

The Holistic Approach


The Yume head spa is not just a shampoo service, it is a treatment for your mind body and spirit. Think of it as a facial meets body massage for your scalp.

I Call it a Scalp Facial!



  • Aromatherapy: When you enter the head spa you will be greeted with a relaxing

  • A fragrance that will calm your mind and body.


  • Therapeutic Music: Alleviate physical, emotional, or mental concern with our soothing anointed relaxing music.


  • Herbal // TEA: Sip on a signature herbal tea blend. Soothing and calming, treating the hair follicles inside out,  relax and enjoy your head spa experience.


  • Deep scalp cleansing, massaging and steaming: Your scalp never felt so clean, with a heavenly scalp massage.

  • Customized treatments: Recommendations based upon what is discovered during your Specialized Scalp Analysis using the TRICHO-ANALYZER  we will be able to see the current state of your scalp microscopically. Any flaws will be identified, the hair diagnostics will be accurate for treatment customization. You will also be able to see your new and improved scalp after your service.



Customized Head Spa Experience Scalp Facial Treatments Do Not Include Hair Styling Unless You Book a New Head Spa Experience.


There Is No Hair Styling/Blow Drying with these Services. If you would like to have your hair styled and It is your first time please book the New Client Scalp Facial. If you are an existing client that would like styling, book the Custom Scalp Facial & Style. 
50 min | $95

Concerned about your scalp? This customized process is based on your specific scalp condition and needs. We offer 4 different types of treatments. All custom head spa treatments service includes: Scalp Care, Ultrasonic Mist Care, Shoulder Massage, and Bio programming Treatments


This treatment purifies scalp and hair with antibacterial and antiseptic action. It counters both oily and dry dandruff, preventing its reappearance.



It relieves sensitized skin. It helps naturally control problems of reddening and irritation,

While soothing even the most sensitive skin, like that of children or those with sensitized scalps.

It’s anti-inflammatory and helps with psoriasis symptoms like itching, redness, scaling.



Absorbs excess sebum and impurities. Eliminates toxins and unpleasant scalp odors. Great detoxing exfoliating action.


Hair Loss

This Revitalizing and reinforcing process is great for weak hairs that are prone to falling out. It stimulates the follicles to promote new hair growth. This treatment delicately cleanses while countering hair loss by eliminating toxins from the scalp. It aids physiological hair growth. It reactivates microcirculation and nourishes the hair bulb. It strengthens the cohesion and stability of the hair shaft and bulb. It stimulates the dermal papillae to induce the growth of new hair; it favors the oxygenation of the scalp.

Express Detox

35 min | $70

A quick deep cleansing and exfoliation of the scalp paired with a deep scalp massage that will stimulate blood circulation and nourish your roots, leading to a healthy scalp and hair.