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During this time more than ever people are wanting to know what deep conditioners should they be using and why? There's a lot of talk out here from moisture, protein, masks and more. Andrea will bring clarity to whether or not you even need one, and show you how to apply them correctly!

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could have increased hydration of your curls with a DIY aka Do It Yourself technique! 

These webinar recordings are hosted by Andrea Peele Roberts Master Curl Stylist and Natural/Curl Salon Owner.  Who will share her professional techniques, deep conditioning product knowledge, inform you about her favorite conditioning cocktails, and of course product recommendations. 

What you will learn

  • How to do Hydrate your curls vs conditioning through proper application

  • What deep conditioning work best for your hair & why

  • Why Porosity Matters More than Curly Type

  • What surface texture is & how to determine if your hair is dry

  • If you hair is breaking, shedding or is it something else

  • Q &A

  • BONUS* Why you say Goodbye to using raw oils & butters on your hair 

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