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Andrea Peele Roberts

 Andrea Peele Roberts formerly known as Drea the Stylist is a NY state licensed cosmetologist with over 20 years experience. At the tender age of 4 Andrea prophetically spoke her own destiny by saying “ when I grow up I'm going to do hair and own a salon just like Shamerro”  ( a close family friend) when Andrea was 14 she was introduced to the beauty industry as an assistant at Shamerro’s House of Beauty, where she trained for 5 years. During her last year of training, she graduated from Capri Cosmetology Learning Center in Nanuet, NY. In 2002, Andrea became licensed in the State of New York.  She then opened Beauty for Ashes Salon 2007-2013. However, in December of 2013, Andrea decided that she needed a break from salon ownership and closed Beauty for Ashes. During that time, she worked as an independent stylist at Regine’s International in Nanuet, NY as well as Nubian Hair Studio in Bronx NY.


 In December 2015, Andrea reopened Beauty for Ashes Salon this time as a Natural/Curly Hair salon. Making history as the First African American Owned Natural/Curly Hair focused salon in Rockland County NY.

  Andrea is known for having “growing hands” with the ability to restore damaged hair; she helps cultivate the growth of hair that is slow-growing. Naturally, curly hair is Andrea's first love so It’s no wonder that she’s becoming well known for Natural Hair Care.  Featured in a popular YouTube video with over 1 million views entitled, Straightening 4c Natural Hair by Chizi Duru, Andrea has been able to gain great exposure enabling many to become aware of her dynamic platform.  

After attending a class on hair loss and seeing countless cases over the years of men and women coming to her chair with various forms of hair loss, Andrea was immersed with passion to help with this condition. Subsequently, Andrea started treating hair loss clients and as a result, in December 2016 Andrea expanded Beauty for Ashes to a full-service salon at 172 Main Street, Nyack NY with a private scalp suite area to service hair loss. 


Andrea was enrolled in advanced studies at the World Trichology Society but decided to put that on hold to pursue her calling to become an ordained Prophet through The Global Institute of Church and Marketplace Prophets. Andrea has achieved that goal. Andrea continues to service clients with hair loss and practice trichology.

After becoming Ordained Andrea realized that she had other God-given assignments and in order to fulfill her destiny it would best for her and her clients if she relocated to an intimate setting salon suite in Nanuet NY, where she would be the lone stylist. 

Hair is Andrea's livelihood as she consistently focuses on giving a cutting edge style without compromising the health of your hair. Continuing education is important to her in order to keep up with the latest trends and treatments.  Andrea also has certifications in various areas in her field.  


In addition, Andrea is an entrepreneur, holistic hair practitioner, certified aromatherapist, educator, mentor, published author, preacher and public speaker. A lover of Christ, wife, mother of two, and old-spirited Millennial, Andrea is well rounded and will definitely be that hairstylist you quote to your friends and family!

Owner/Master Curlstylist & Hair Loss Specialist

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