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All NEW Clients and or previous clients that haven't been to the salon in the past 9 months must book one of our New Client Services. Whether your hair is Kinky, Curly, Coily, or Wavy, or if you are Transitioning to Natural, you will find the right service for you. When booking your reservation you must choose from the New Client service category.



The bottom line is that we care about your hair! We don’t want you skipping out on the things that are most important to it because of time and or money. Most people that find us have searched all over the tri-state area looking for a salon that can do more than just style hair. Rather they are looking for help with understanding what to do with it. We are that salon. We want you just to stop looking at it like you are just paying for your hair, it’s time to invest in your hair! What you put into it is what you will get out of it.


Over 90% of new clients come into the salon in need of the following :

  1. Detox from excessive product + oil + heavy butter build-up and hard water.

  2. A trim/cut because of ends not having scheduled trims/cuts at least every 12-16 weeks.

  3. Hydration instead of conditioning. Yes, there is a difference.

  4. The use of the right products for their hair. One of the biggest mistakes that people do when selecting a hair product is automatically looking at curl pattern. “Is this good for my 2C,3C or 4C hair” is a question that we hear all the time. The essential elements of your hair are so much more important.

  5. The right hair regimen. Most people are following a hair plan that they learned from someone who has never actually seen their hair in person. It’s time that you got your own regimen from a Curl Pro! Let us give you a regimen that takes the difficulty out of wearing your natural/curly hair.


What You Get

Hair Audit 2

This 30-minute Curl discovery is included in all New Client Services. We will go over your hair and scalp goals while discussing the 11 essential elements of your hair. Texture, Scalp Condition, Density, Hydration Level, Surface Texture, Water Quality, Porosity, Elasticity, Curl  Pattern, Climate, and Lifestyle.

  • This will allow us to choose what is the best styling options for you.

  • You will walk away with a great style, personalized product prescription, and regimen that will set you on your natural hair journey with greater knowledge and understanding about your Kinks, Coils, Curls, Waves, or transitioning hair.

Express Microscopic Hair & Scalp Analysis

I care about your scalp just as much as I care about your hair. The express Hair and Scalp Analysis is a quick microscopic examination of your hair and scalp. This allows me to see the following:

  1. The overall condition of your hair and scalp scientifically

  2. Detect any early signs of thinning/hair loss

  3. Identify the scalp conditions like itching, flaking, tenderness, and inflammation.

  4. What is the best shampoo that should be used for you to have a healthier scalp.

Scalp Specific Shampoo & Spa Mist Conditioning Treatment

The choice of shampoo that will be used on your scalp will be based upon knowledge obtained during your microscopic analysis. The Spa Mist

enhances deep conditioning treatments by generating a fine mist of microscopic water particles. It gently opens up the hair’s cuticle layer for deeper conditioning of the hair, scalp. Leaving your hair more hydrated than its previous state. 

Your Choice of a Hydrate & Define Set, Flat- Twist In, or Blowout/Silk Press Style

Professional Curl Specialist

I am trained in the art of curls by DevaCurl and Cut It Kinky.  Natural/Curly hair is where I excel most,  you can sit back and relax now that you have found me.



Please arrive with hair that is completely unbraided/untwisted that has been cleaned within the last 7-10 days prior to your salon visit, and has no oil + product residue. Excessive detangling will incur an additional fee and the possibility of for fitting your styling. 



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