The Importance of Journaling!

Sometimes you just gotta get it out, but you have no words to say. It's like you want to vent but your voice box is broken. So broken that you cant utter a word, and if you do the words may not be nice. Whether it be a day that just started off the wrong way. You know the days where it seems like every single thing is working against you. Hitting the snooze button way to many times. Lets not forget the major traffic on the road, when you already left home late for work. If that isn't enough it seems like the demon of road rage hits you because the guy that just cut you off is now driving 5 miles and hour and you just want to run them off the road. (we've all been there before lets be honest, lol) By the time you finally reach work your boss calls a meeting. Now you're probably thinking could this day get any worse???? Then you get the phone call with some really bad news. At this point you have just had it and you realize you are FED UP. Now me being a christian of course my nature is to pray or call someone to pray. Now every once in a while my human nature rises along with the rage burning inside to just let someone have it. You know, take your frustrations out on someone and just snap. Tell someone one how you really feel about them....( I mean you've been waiting for a reason to tell that coworker that you cant stand them anyway)

As all of these thoughts run through your head you begin to remember the responsibilities that you have. Like providing for yourself and possibly a family if you have one. You roll over and over again the consequences and then you decide to keep your mouth shut. Well that's what Ive learned to do! When you have one of those days and you don't want to pray, talk to anyone, or let out your frustrations..... write. Write it out, even if you cant read it later because you are writing so fast that not even a doctor could understand whats written on that paper. Or typing it out works too. According to Huffington Post these are just some holistic benefits of journaling, Stretching Your IQ. ... Evoking Mindfulness.... Achieving Goals. ...Emotional Intelligence. ...Boosting Memory and Comprehension. ...Strengthen Your Self-Discipline. ...Improve Communication Skills. ...Healing.

So the next time you feel like the day is not going your way, grab a pen and paper, or your electronic device and get it out. Don't hold on to any negative energy it will only effect you in the end. "Be angry without sinning. Don’t let the sun set on your anger. Don’t provide an opportunity for the devil." Ephesians 4:26-27 CEB

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