Mistakes are your Lessons!

While organizing my attic this morning I came across so many memories of different stages in my life. My teenage years to my current age of 35. I found Birthday cards, babies pics, baby books, my wedding albums, my divorce decree, my 1st sign for my 1st location of my salon business, a 2nd second sign for another location for the same salon business, art work, journals, VHS , bibles, tons of books, and last my prom dress (which I had my 16 year old daughter try on)

I realize the girl I was then, was not the young lady I became, the young lady I became is not the woman who I am even today. Looking through these memories I was able to see the many times in the journey of my life where I thought things were great, and where things were real hard and just dark. In that I still grew and developed as a woman. I thank God for my journey each experience was a teaching lesson. Looking through all of these memories today I can honestly say I have no regrets . Being a teenage mother, a young wife a young divorcee, a young business owner, then closing business for two years, then reopening business . My imperfections have truly made me into the Woman I am today!

I know that there are people who may be in a season that seems so dark. You may feel like there is no light at the end of the the tunnel. I just want to encourage you and tell you that there is light . It doesn't stay dark forever. Eventually the sun will come out and you will laugh again.

Everyone makes mistakes. Just know in your mistakes are learning lessons that came to teach you and to make you stronger. I assure you that the time will come and you will look back and say wow I have truly grown. You will even look back at your past and smile. Live life free of regrets even when you fall Jesus paid it all for you to get back on the horse and try and try again!

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